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Cape Cod Excel
AMERICAN MADE.. Cape Cod Excel is a classic pull-up leather meaning that, when folded and flexed, greases that were impregnated into the skin migrate causing a very nice tonal effect. Beautiful #1 grade leather.Made right here in the United States.

Characteristics: Pullup, Aniline, Smooth

Approx Weight: 5 oz.
Approx Thickness: 2.0 - 2.4 mm
Avg Hide Size: 26
Price: $6.95 per sq.ft.

6 colors to choose from

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Top Grain Oil-Tanned Leather Sides

Oil tanned leather is unique because it has special oils & waxes applied during the tanning process to give the leather a very soft and supple feel that is resistant to water and other elements. The leather has a wonderful full bodied hand that is the perfect combination of softness and rugged durability for bags, boots, chaps, and more!

Characteristics: Very smooth topgrain leather, oiled feel w/ medium-firm temper.

Approx Weight: 4-5 oz
Approx Thickness: 1.6 - 2.0mm
Avg Hide Size: 20 sq.ft.
Price: $5.99 per sq.ft.

8 colors to choose from

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Deersoft Cowhide Leather Sides 4.5-5oz

Full grain chap leather aniline dyed throughout. These hides are easily tailored due to their soft, fluid drape while the top coat finish adds a layer of protection.

Characteristics: Medium pebble grain, enhanced softness, light natural pebble texture.

Approx Weight: 4.5 - 5.5oz
Approx Thickness: 1.8 - 2.2mm
Avg Hide Size: 25 sq.ft.
Price: $5.52 per sq.ft.

6 colors to choose from

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Kodiak Bandito Full Grain Oil-Tanned Leather Sides 5/6oz
Bandito represents a rustic full grain leather with a lightly oiled feel. These huge leather sides have occasional brands and healed scars that add rich character and really enhance the rustic style of these hides. Hides are very soft and the combination of oils & waxes in the finish give the hides natural resistance to weather and moisture.

Characteristics: Full grain, natural pebble grain, lightly oiled feel, weather resistant.

Approx Weight: 5 - 6oz
Approx Thickness: 1.6 - 2.4mm
Avg Hide Size: 26 sq.ft.
Price: $5.50 per sq.ft.

5 colors to choose from

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Water Buffalo Single Bends 5-9oz
Our wildly popular water buffalo is available in belt length SINGLE bends for exceptional yields. Perfect for Tote-bag straps.

Characteristics: Matte finish, lightly textured finish, deep drum dyed color.

Approx Weight: 5-9 oz
Approx Thickness: 2.0-3.6 mm
Avg Hide Size: 12 sq.ft.
Price: $9.45 per sq. ft.

9 Colors to Choose from

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Shrunken Bison Sides
These Bison leather sides have a shrunken grain with a softer touch, while still being very durable. This is a Vegtable,Chromed retanned leather meaning these hides are more rugged and resistant to the elements, and will patina over time. Perfect for Wallets, Handbags, Cases and much more!

Characteristics: Wallets, Bags, Cases, Laptop Sleeves

Approx Weight: 6.5 - 7 oz.
Approx Thickness: 2.6 -2.8 mm
Avg Hide Size: 16
Price: $6.85 per sq.ft.

2 colors to choose from

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Black Patent Sides
Characterized by a glass-like finish that catches the light, patent leather comes in all colors just like regular leather. In addition to the mirror-like finish, patent leather is also virtually waterproof, while still retaining a very flexible texture. The visual aspects of patent leather have made it a sought-after material for formal accessories.

Characteristics: Shoe

Approx Weight: 2 - 2.5 oz.
Approx Thickness: 0.8 - 1.0 mm
Avg Hide Size: 18 sq.ft.
Price: $5.50 per sq.ft.

1 color to choose from

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Chestnut Finished Double Shoulders

Characteristics: Ideal for: Belts, Straps & Pouches

Approx Weight: 2-11oz
Avg Hide Size: 10 sq.ft.
Price: $8.50 per sq.ft.

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Crystal Upholstery Leather
Crystal is an aniline dyed leather that is oiled or waxed for a soft, sophisticated, distressed appearance. When pulled, the oils or waxes cause the coloring to migrate and become lighter in the pulled areas; a look associated with fine, authentically aged furniture. A protective clear coat is applied to give Crystal an additional luster and great wear ability.

Characteristics: Upholstery

Approx Weight: 2.5 - 3 oz.
Approx Thickness: 1.1 - 1.3 mm
Avg Hide Size: 55
Price: 7.77

19 Colors to choose from.

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Old English Upholstery Leather
Organic in all facets, Old English is a smooth, pliable leather that you can sink into, letting the soft excellence envelop your senses. The natural color palette will feature ever-so-slight markings as it beautifully wearsŁ, reflective of the test of time that our Italian craftsmanship leathers offer.

Characteristics: Upholstery

Approx Weight: 2.5 oz.
Approx Thickness: 0.9 - 1.1 mm
Avg Hide Size: 53
Price: $7.75 per foot.

10 Colors to choose from.